Date/Datetime JS Libraries

#1 Date dropper#2 Air-datepicker#3 daterangepicker#4#5
Date/ DateTimeDateDateDateTimeDateTimeDateTime
 Docs rating5/52/53.5/52.5/54/5
Need JqueryYesYesYes + Moment.jsYesNo
has a pro. versionYesNo - free only free only YesYes
PROsGood looking
  • Allows selecting multiple dates.
  • Allows attaching to any elements (input field, div container, etc...
  • Date range picker.  
  • Month picker.  
  • Keyboard navigation.
  • Calendar mode
  • Lots of customization options.

  • Can show 2 months at the same time
  • has a visual Configuration Generator

  • Can show multiple months at the same time
  • has a full screen feature to show the whole year

  • Professional looking
  • has all the needed features/uses

CONs* Many features available only at Pro version
Switch between months by arrows only

* Many features available only at Pro version 

My Recommendations is:

#3 daterangepicker  

For its Simplicity, easy to use, has nice documentation and it is free.

UploadFile JS Libraries

Drop ZoneFine uploaderUppyFile API
file pondMeteor files
PricefreefreeFreefreefree - €95
dependencyNot depend on anyNot depend on any

Not depend on any

size149K41K516k43.7 KB  
21 KB gzipped.-
Support multiple filesYesYesYesyesyes
support chunkingYesyes
translating labelsYesyesYesyes14 lang. included--
other interesting featureresize images
  • Scaling images.
  • Pause / Resume Uploads.
  • Allow your users to change the names of the files they are uploading.

  • It has many plugins.
  • Import files from different cloud storage
  • Crop images
  • archives all uploaded files into a single .zip file
  • Image optimization
  • Virus Scanning
  • Detect faces in images
  • Change file meta on the go
  • Pause uploading

  • Image optimization,
  • add water mark

  • File image thumbnail can be generated in canvas to resize it perfectly for given width and height
  • Image optimization
  • Image zoomer
  • Exif orientation fix
  • PDF viewer

  • Accepts directories, files, blobs, local URLs, remote URLs and Data URIs.
  • Image optimization,
  • Drop to replace the current file             
  • Add metadata to files

  • Upload via HTTP and DDP transports
  • Fast Uploads
  • resize image
  • Store in cloud
Fine Uploader is no longer maintained and the project has been effectively shut down. 
the last update was 2 years ago.

Many features are come as separate plugins - means - many resources will need to be loadedDemo is not working -show errorfree version is too limited
Many features are come as separate plugins

Recommendations :

The web has too many JS upload files plugins that can cover our needs, I try to list the best of them, I think if we need a simple one then could be the best choice.